Fall Guys Reveals NieR: Automata 2B Skin

Fall Guys Updates: In this multiplayer team game, up to 60 players participate in the show as Fall Guy and play three to five rounds on the playlist of their choice until they reach the final round. Each round has its own chosen route, and each route has its own set of obstacles. If the player succeeds in the final round, they win the show.

Winning the performance will reward the player with a Crown, which can be customized in the in-game store. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was originally announced at E3 2019. The game was released on August 4, 2020, and is available for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC on Steam.

During the 2021 Summer Games, it was announced that the 2B costume from “NieR: Automata” will appear in “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” on June 18. In the past year, Fall Guys has received several crossover costumes of video games, most recently by Super Bomberman R.

Fall Guys NieR


The problem with Fall Guy’s crossover skins is that they always leak early, and a new Ratchet & Clank skin was discovered a few days ago. The existence of the 2B skin was discovered in similar data mining with many fans in May.

The creators of NieR: Automata had previously expressed their desire to see Fall Guys wearing 2B costumes, and their wish has been fulfilled. Announced during the 2021 Summer Games. You can see the action video of the costume on the official Twitter page.

The 2B costume will be released on June 18. Players can wear stunning black mini dresses, white wigs, and dark masks through the Fruit Chute and Dizzy Heights.

You may want to know the meaning of the life of artificial creatures. How do they repeatedly try to maintain an advantage or judge that other teammates are not as good at the game as they are?

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