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Resident Evil Village demo runs slightly smoother on Xbox Series X than PS5

Resident Evil Village Updates: It is a shocking news for Sony that一the game, Resident Evil Village is more popular on Xbox Series X than PS5. The genre of the series is horror in nature. The Resident Evil Village was developed by Capcom and published by Capcom, Capcom U.S.A Inc.

This game is on single-player and in multiplayer mode also. At most 6players can play the game in online multiplayer mode at a time.

After 3 years of releasing the season 7 of this game, this horror season is going to be released. This series of the game is about to be released. This horror series is going to release on 7 May.

Resident Evil Village Trailer

The trailer of this season named Resident Evil Village has already been released. The video game lovers are eagerly waiting for its release. You can visit  the clip from Youtube.

Ethan Winters voiced by Todd Soley, Mia Winters voiced by Katie O’Hagan, Jeanette Maus and Brendan Bradly voiced by Agent.


Resident Evil village's castle  Details

It is the story of Ethan Winters, the starring role and his life events. He lived with his wife and his daughter. One day Chris Redfield the gangster with his gang came and murdered his wife, Mia Winters and stole his daughter, Rosemary and kept in a village in Europe near Romania.

Ethan passes over village to village to search and save his child, Rosemary. In his pathway  a village came which was controlled by four mutant lords with their some strong forts situated in the village.

The four mutant lords are一 Lady Alcina Dimitrescu rules from her fort with her three daughters. She looks like a tall Vampire. The second lord is Kerl Heisenberg guides some strange creatures who look like lycanthrope from a synchronous castle.  Salvatore Moreau leads mermen and  Donna Beneviento leads puppets.

This season gives a surprise to Resident Evil lovers with some great spoilers. From demos and trailers it is clear that this season is going to be unique from others. It is designed in a way that it represents the coming back of the Resident Evil game. We can’t fantasize what is going to be.

This game is suitable for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Laptops, Stadia, Sony PlayStation 4 and PlayStation5.