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The New Resident Evil Village Game and Everything you need to know about

The release of Resident Evil Village Game, the eighth main part of Capcom’s tremendously famous Resident Evil video game franchise is around the corner. For the players to help hype up the launch, Capcom has released a pair of demos. These demos don’t give away the final build of the game, but the ultra-realistic graphics give us a gist of fighting for survival while danger lurks all over the place. Both the demos allowed the players 30 minutes of exploration, they were playable once and live for 8 hours.

The previous demo had players illustrating returning protagonist Ethan Winter’s look into a snowy village.  Ethan investigates Castle Dimitrisecu as he continues searching for his missing daughter. The demo displays the combat and terror of the game.

Resident Evil Village Game Details and History

As winter begins to sweep across the countryside, Ethan searches for his daughter, Rose, who was mysteriously abducted and held in a remote European village. He finds that the villagers are held in respect and fear by a shadowy patron figure known as Mother Miranda and subject to her vengeful anger as starving monsters lurch around their homes. Several villagers shelter Ethan to help him but one of them turns into a lycanthrope and attacks them.

Ethan takes a moment to regain his stance when suddenly he spots a towering figure, who he assumes to be Miranda, butcher a villager before leaving. Ethan suspects that Rose is being held at a nearby Castle Dimitrisecu and sets out to scrutinize the castle.

The second demo begins with Ethan waking up in a bedroom within the castle. When the game releases, we’ll get to know about his situation of arrival in the castle.

ABOUT THE GAME  Resident Evil Village Game

Resident Evil village's castle  Details

The second demo reveals more about the mechanism of the game. It also shows an in-game shop from where the players can buy weapons and items from a merchant, the Duke. The national currency of Romania- lei, can be used to purchase healing items, ammunition, weapons, and weapon upgrades. The second demo also requires puzzle-solving to open doors and secret passages. The players can slow the vampires’ advance by firing on them but needs to keep moving.

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The first demo revolved around environmental effects, with Ethan investigating the village, whereas the second demo takes place entirely inside the castle. The players get access to the frightening yet extremely beautiful inner works of the castle, the fort of Alcina Dimitrescu and her bloodthirsty daughters. Gorgeous lighting and shadow effects are used. The trailer presents the tale in a psychological and thought-provoking style.

The sound design perfectly captures the strong sentimental pull of Ethan to his daughter Rose. The hissing of ghouls and swarms of vampires play a major role for Ethan.

Resident Evil Village is shaping up to be every inch frightening as it presents itself to be.