5 Video Games which should get a VR Reboot

5 Video games which should get a VR Reboot

Video Games VR: Here are five electronic gaming brands we’d like to see in virtual reality. Within the past few years, publishers all over the world have decided to establish some of the most well-known gaming brands to VR innovation whether through adaptations of classic games or console titles designed specifically for this emerging tech. Sadly, the number of prior efforts have left most users disappointed, either due to a lack of substance or a lack of quality.

Similarly, with the arrival of the latest grading period, the ability for creators to devote their complete attention to VR could have arrived at long last. After all, AAA titles are in short supply in this market.

Bio Shock

Bio Shock Video Game

Bio Shock has maintained a genre-defining phenomenon in the eyes of players around the world for over a century. Its visual style, intense environment, and skilfully performed storylines remain among the best in the media.

Generally speaking, considering the series’ success and international praise, it has been roughly 8 years after the last broadcast, and nearly 4 years since the series’ original creators, Unreasonable Games, went bankrupt. Although reports of a new Bio Shock game have circulated over the decades, there are actually no definitive details on a continuation.

Given Bio Shock’s success, its pioneering position, and the franchise’s hazy potential, not only will it make much sense to reinvent the sequel in VR, but users have already expressed a wish to travel Rapture in VR.

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto in VR

It’s no wonder that many people want to witness Rock star Games’ popular fictional portrayal of the crime syndicate in virtual reality, as it’s among the most lucrative series in video game history. In reality, over the last few years, obsessive genre lovers have developed hard to bring virtual reality modifications for the most popular Grand Theft Auto titles.

Grand Theft Auto, with its fascination for sprawling dimensions, intense interactive content, and unforgettable personalities would be a great match for the VR universe.



Chernobyl has retained its ever-mysterious and hauntingly curious atmosphere since the 1986 tragedy launched it into foreign discourse, but it was only a question of a few years before this was presented in games. One such modification is S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Regardless of the fact that the S.T.A.L.K.E.R games are buggy and unfinished, the game series appears to maintain a special place in the eyes of lovers thanks to its Brutalize Eastern European production design and unrivalled doomsday ambience.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a perennial industry powerhouse that continues to be among the most valuable and successful first-person gunman brands in the sector. Activision and its builders have set the benchmark for storyline and gameplay first-person shooters for half a century, and they are nearly unrivalled in the regions of sheer spectacle and army operations

Although there are many VR hunters on the sector, only a few encounter the sophisticated expectations for AAA FPS observations.

With the recent fiasco of Medal of Honour: Above and Beyond, a VR distinctive, the scarcity of humongous FPS games for virtual reality has become even more apparent.

Deus Ex

Deus Ex Video Game

Deus Ex stands out as a novelty amongst the contemporaries for its ground-breaking concept of interactive content, relative commercial popularity, and strong cyberpunk origins as one of the founders of the interactive sim genre.

The storyline not only maintains a feeling of liberty and curiosity that very few do, but it also has a stunning elegance that begs to be examined closely. Generally speaking, the program has also been put on hold since the release of Deus Ex: Humanity Split in 2016.

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