Morbius Release Date Updates: Will there be a live-action movie? When is it coming out?

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Morbius Updates: The movies related to superheroes have become too common nowadays and that’s the reason that people are almost bored with the trend. While there are some movies which decided to walk the road less travelled and made movies on villains, whether be it from DC universe or Marvel Universe, like Venom, Joker, The Suicide Squad.

Along with these; there might be another member in the list : Morbius. This villain is from the marvel Universe and has never made it’s appearance in any of the movies but it is only seen in the Amazing Spider-Man comics till date.

Sony has recently made a new deal with the online streaming platform Netflix regarding the movie and there might be good news coming in for the Spider-man fans. There are a number of movies coming up from the Spider-man franchise in the next few years.

Venom: Let there be carnage, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 are some of the most awaited movies of the franchise that has made the public lose their minds out of excitement since the day it was unveiled that they would be released soon.

With the trailer of the movie Morbius been released, it’s also another movie that the Spider-man fans look up to. The movie will be starred by Jared Leto, Ardia Ajorna, Tyrese Gibson,Jared Harris and Matt Smith.

The film is based on the Marvel comic book character that made it’s appearance for the first time in The Amazing Spider-Man #101. The character; Dr. Michale Morbius, who gains pseudo-vampire superhuman ability when an experiment to cure his rare blood disease doesn’t go as planned. The movie directed by Daniel Espinosa might be worth the watch, as it seems so looking at the trailer of the movie.

How many Morbius movies have been released till date?

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The character of Morbius hasn’t made it’s debut yet into the movies but it did made a cameo appearance in one of the deleted scenes of the movie, ‘Blade’ starring Wesley Snipes.

The character also made it’s appearance in Spider-Man:The animated series and Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six.

The idea to make a live-action movie by Sony on Morbius first came up in 2007 . This was taken up as a project under Sony Pictures universe of Marvel Characters. However, it was only in 2018 that Leto and Espinosa joined the project and the trailer of the movie was only released in January, 2020.

The filming for the movie began in February, 2019 under the working title Plasma. Then in September 2019 , the new deal between Sony and Disney shows that it may so happen that Tom-Holland’s Spider-Man might crossover into their shared cinematic universe.

Initially it was decided that Morbius will be released by July 10,2020 but due to the present scenario it had to be postponed to July 31,2020 which further led to the postponement until March 19,2021.But, as luck would have it; the situations around the globe showed no change and it had to delayed again until October 8,2021.Finally, the recent date that’s been decided is January 21,2022.

The recent deal between Sony and Netflix has made it certain that the movie will also be released on Netflix. The movie will be streamed on Netflix after the theatrical and home media window closes, which is usually 18 months after the initial release.