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Battlefield 6 Will Be Revealed In May, Industry Insider Claims

Battlefield 6
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Battlefield 6 Updates: According to a source close to the industry, Electronic Arts plans to release Battlefield 6 in May at an indeterminate time. Last fall, Electronic Arts and series producer DICE revealed plans for the Battlefield entry in 2021 but provided nothing else in the way of detailed information.

Ever since EA executives have revealed only a few pieces of information about the latest game in earnings releases. For eg, DICE CEO Andrew Wilson recently announced that the next Battlefield would feature “never-before-seen size,” as well as announcing that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X would enable DICE to truly realize its “next-gen vision” for the long-running shooter series.

Fans are also waiting for a real reveal, far fetched from all the hints and teases. Several business insiders have kept the public informed of what they believe is DICE’s plans for the still-unnamed plant.

One speculation claims that Battlefield 6 will have cross-play features and an enhancement to the franchise’s ground-breaking devastation skills.

Another rumor claims that the shooter will be out on both last-gen and current-gen consoles. The wait to find out which reports real seem to be drawing to a close.

Battlefield 6 In May

Battlefield 6

GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb was asked when EA plans to formally unveil this year’s Battlefield on GamesBeat Decides. “May,” he replied easily, before adding, “things are still fluid.” “My understanding is they’re actually looking at May,” Grubb said. According to what he knows, the aim is to officially reveal the next iteration before E3 in June. About the 26:30 mark in the following frame, there is a Battlefield-related discussion.

All of the above, and any other bit of speculation surrounding Battlefield 2021, should be viewed with a grain of salt. Fans should be particularly cautious since neither EA nor DICE have released any details as of yet.

That being said, a Could reveal doesn’t seem that far-fetched. Since the game is coming out later this year, late spring or early summer is the best time to make a public statement.

Battlefield V is the franchise’s final installment, having been released in the fall of 2018. DICE continued to fund the game until 2020 but has since shifted its attention to the presumably named Battlefield 6.

Interestingly, Criterion, the producer of Need for Speed, is assisting with the project’s final months of development, moving the racing franchise’s next arrival to 2022.