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Battlefield 6: Twitter suspension to the Leaker

Battlefield 6

Battlefield 6 Update: There is big news about the leaker of Battlefield as he receives the Twitter suspension. It was also into the news that he had to pull down his YouTube video also, this makes others wonder if the people are upset at EA or DICE, which leads to legal problems.

From the leaks, it is suggested that the game is going to return to the settings of modern times, which is going to bring a new level of scope and scale to the huge franchise.

The players are able to blow up the walls even toppling the whole skyscrapers with a fair effort, which makes a fresh franchise giving a great change of pace from the classic shooting games like Call of Duty. It is the fund that the Battlefield 6 will occupy up to 128 players and other changes also seem like DICE to FPS game again.

Battlefield 6 Update

Battlefield 6

Tom Henderson was the person who has given fans such a piece of valuable information. He recently has faced the Twitter suspension via VCG. Not only twitter suspension, but this leaker has also deleted a lot of content regarding the battlefield 6 content from his YouTube channel. By observing these things, we can predict that the suspension is true regarding Battlefield 6.

Even after his account suspension, he stands after his side stating that his Twitter account was suspended and he has received many heads up which is the actual reason behind him protecting if things get progressed.

He also made his statement clear that he is waiting for a word from the official Twitter side. Henderson regarding backup said he standby by everything that he stated earlier, but he has to reluctantly remove the content. This is what he shares with the audience.

There is confirm the news by EA about the release of Battlefield 6, which is going to be later this year. On the basis of this information, we can be able to say that the information which is in the leaks is hinted to be true.

The game is going to take the whole advantage of the next-generation platform’s power which brings huge and immersive battles with even more players than before. The changes in the game are also seen in the maps which feature the unprecedented scale.

this news given by the EA and the leaks received by Henderson is taken up by the media to predict the game. according to the information the Battlefield is going to be among the fans in the spring of this year.

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