Legacies Season 3 Copies A Dragon Trick From Game of Thrones

Legacies Season 3 Updates: Legacies Season 3 has a parallel scene copied from the game of thrones. The legacies had their own rebirth zombie dragon-like that of in the game of thrones, the visions arise parallels with the legacies. But both the shows have a great difference.

It is said that the dragon twist scene in the game of thrones is copied by the legacies season 3. The eight-season run of the series portrayed a political power drama along with the fantasy.

Many supernatural elements are involved. And also the story mainly deals with the political power of people trying to the throne. Game of Thrones is considered to be a crown jewel series of HBO.

Apart from the supernatural magical elements used in the series, the dragons play important roles as the “children” of Daenerys Targaryen who is the mother of dragons. In all the series, the dragons were showed as normal dragons but in contrast, in the seventh episode, Viserion ( one of Danny’s daughters) died at the hands of Night king.

The night king then gave rebirth to version and spewed ice instead of fire. HBO’s Game of Thrones was one step further than the hints as it made an ice dragon into a zombie dragon. There are some hints about ice dragon George R.R.Martin’s “ A song of ice and fire”.

Legacies Season 3: The Dragon Trick

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As long has been the audience has questioned what will be the future of the story without vision as he was dead. But the rebirth of vision had a great welcome and it made the Audience become more enthusiastic. And also the rebirth of a normal dragon into a zombie dragon made the audience more and more attracted and it seems to fly as a zombie dragon. It is moreover a visual treat to the audience.

And coming to the point the legacies had copied this particular visual treat from the game of thrones.

In the first season of legacies, a dragon was killed by Hope Mickelson with a magic spell. In the third season, the same dragon was given rebirth by Necromancer. This is in parallel with the game of thrones as the night king gave rebirth to Version.

It seems that even Necromancer resembles Night king as both of them had the powers of giving rebirth to the dragons. But the greatest difference is that the dragon in a game of thrones is spewed with ice but in legacies, the dragon still roared fire.

It is expected that the upcoming seasons of legacies would take a deeper dive into the dragons like what had happened in the game of thrones.

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