Yellowstone Season 4: Will Rip be forced to choose between saving John and Beth?

Yellowstone Season 4 Updates: The fourth season of Yellow stone will debut shortly, and viewers are excited to hear what happened to the Duttons. Rip Wheeler would have to pick between John and Beth.

Yellowstone season 4 is on the way to Paramount Network, and fans are eager to learn what happened after the tense season three finale. Regarding two separate assaults, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and his daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly) were both left to die. Fans are asking which character Rip (Cole Hauser) saves more first, and he’ll have to pick between the two.

Viewers were shocked during the third season of Yellowstone when three of the Dutton household were killed by unidentified attackers. John was fired on the side of the street and left lying on the ground when Beth was trapped in an accident at her office. Kayce (Luke Grimes) was also subjected to the fury of a gang of gunmen who had been ordered to assassinate him.

Ranch job Fans think Rip would be the one to rescue the family because he was one of the few main characters to escape risk. He would, however, be torn between protecting his fiancée Beth and his father-figure John.

Following the odd phone call from Jamie, Rip discovered he would have been on his same when it came to caring about the boys (Wes Bentley). Rip has been asked not to touch John’s adoptive son again, leaving Rip to clear up the mess.

Yellowstone Season 4: Who will Rip choose?

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According to one Reddit user: “Who do you think Rip would go to first and save after his last phone call to Jamie? Is it Beth, Kayce, or John Dutton we’re looking for? To whom does he owe his allegiance?”

Fans are certain that former US Marine Kayce will not require assistance and will start taking care of himself.

Viewers also speculated that Rip would run into John on the lane, as John was driving home at the time of the shooting.

“Rip is going into downtown, that’s where they all went these mornings from the ranch, so he can meet John,” another fan said.

Many people think Beth will survive because she plays such an important role in the story, and it has also been implied that she committed this crime herself.

Some believe Beth will invest some of the future episodes in a coma, giving Rip a chance to exact his vengeance.

In terms of specificity, Rip would most likely locate John first and take him to the hospital. A little boy had been nearby, and fans hope the boy would flag Rip down and get support. Some also speculated that Beth and Rip will foster the boy because Beth has been unable to have kids of her own.

Fans believe Rip will be the season’s hero after being given the opportunity to vindicate the Duttons. When it comes to putting people down, his character has expressed no regret, and he will certainly set out to find the offenders. Audiences can only assume that Beth and John, who are fan idols in the season, withstand the attacks.

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