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Resident Evil Village: Capcom confirmed Censorship in Japan

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Updates: Capcom has confirmed the censorship of Resident Evil village in Japan. The game will feature much less blood and wouldn’t include any decapitations in comparison to the international version of the game.

The game, due to its violent nature it has been censored in many countries and appears to be following the trend anyway. Some countries have stricter censorship towards adult content in video games as Australia being very notorious for banning games as such.

Japan’s CERO is also very strict when compared to other similar organizations like ESRB from North America and PEGI from Europe.

To get a CERO rating to be sold out in Japan, video games have to go through stricter scrutiny when compared to the international versions of the game. The games in the Resident Evil series although are made in Japan, it is very tough there out to be released as bloody as they are made and sold internationally also not as gory as the ones released in North America and Europe.

Resident Evil Village is all set to be released in May.

Resident Evil Village Censorship In Japan Explained

Resident Evil Village

Capcom has discovered the adult content in the game also a post from Capcom officially differentiated the versions of the game to be released between the domesticated and international ones.

According to Alex Aniel of Limited Run Games on Twitter, the Japanese version of Resident Evil Village will feature less blood and it won’t have any decapitation scenes.

According to officials, there will be 2 versions of the Resident Evil Village game going to release in Japan, one will be of D rating (17 and up) and another of Z rating (18 and up).

Although Capcom has not really differentiated anything between the above 2 versions of the game it might be possible that the Z rating Version would have more Violence, still Zero decapitations involved.

As Violence is not a measure of quality, Resident Evil Village can still be incredible without much violent content in it.

The censorship of the Resident Evil series is common especially in regards to the Decapitations. The gory scenes in Resident Evil 4 where Leon had his head removed by a chainsaw-wielding enemy were also absent in the Japanese versions of the game. If the rumored Resident Evil 4 remake is on the way, then it’s likely that these scenes will still be censored in Japan.

The international version of the game is not censored.

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