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Fall Guys Season 4 New Skins Have Been Revealed

Fall Guys Season 4

Fall Guys Season 4 Updates: Mediatonic, the developer of the game Fall Guys has spilled out some interesting facts about the development of the game, where we can find a new set of skins which are going to be in the show  in the 4th season.

With no much information about the upcoming season of Fall Guys, Mediatonic, the developer has gave some clues about the new skins that will be going to entertain the players of the show.

With the introduction of the new skins the season 4 is going to attract the players and engage them. There is another additional information about the game as it is going to be called as Fall Guys 4041 which is going to feature theme of futuristic cyberpunk.

Fall Guys Season 4 New Skins

This upcoming season is going to offer 50 level prizes for the Fame Path this is the first season on doing so. This game has reached a great amount success which has even inspired the creator of the Fortnite to take the studio, although Mediatonic has gave his word that studio buy-out will not affect the game development.

Fall Guys Season 4

There is no official release date for the season 4 yet so far, but according to the information given, this game is going to be released on Xbox and Nintendo Switch and going to be in-front of the fans in this summer.

With this the player will be having an opportunity to have a quirky royal battle game which has been continuously raising its popularity among the audience since the August of last year.

The revelation of this new skins of the upcoming season are steadily growing famous among the players since they have been released in the social media. There are 4 skins in total which are trending in the social media like Instagram, Twitter, Discord and even in TikTok.

There is no specific name for the latest 4 skins. The upcoming skins include a costume of Shark, a costume of Men in Black followed by an alien with 3 eyes on his head. Another costume offers a Disco Ball which comes with a pom pom bracelets while the other covers itself with a red hairy alien spacesuit.

The upcoming season is also going to engage the audience as that of the first 3 seasons. The game will not be available to the fans either in Xbox or Switch for a while. But fans can continue to enjoy he game in the Play Station 4.