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Nioh 2: The Lost Sword Sub-Mission Play Guide

Nioh 2

Nioh 2 Updates: Nioh 2 comes with some sub-missions along with its primary missions for players to complete, The Lost Sword is one of those submissions. This playthrough will guide you to finish this mission from Tengu’s Disciple DLC. 

Nioh 2 Tengu’s Disciple The Lost Sword 

The Lost Sword is a level 122 mission sub-mission that comes after you have finished “A Song to Calm the Storm”. 


Toward the beginning, you will arrive at the spot you came in the “A Song of Calm the Storm” mission. In the Kodama shrine, pass through the huge entryway. 

Go ahead towards the structure. Under the steps up ahead, you will discover a Scampuss. 

Use the steps to go up. There’s a warrior up ahead; Finish him by sneaking up from behind. Inside the structure, you will find another warrior. Kill and loot him too. 

Clear the Garden 

After that go outside to the garden where you will see yokai fog. Take out the two Gaki and warrior first prior to going for the huge crab-like Yokai. 

Subsequently, you will find a destroyed entryway on the left which will lead you to a room with a little chest on the right. There, you will likewise discover a Scampuss behind the pots. 

Execute Rokurokubi and Namahage 

Nioh 2

Exit this room and enter the next house. Here inside the room, you will see Rokurokubi and Namahage. 

Hit the Rokurokubi in the head to execute it so you can battle Namahage and take them out individually. Next, execute the Gaki on the right and loot everyone’s bodies.

After killing some more enemies, you can finally leave the building. The Second Kodama shrine is on the left. 

Second Kodama Shrine 

Here your goal is to go toward the west entryway. You can also converse with one of the NPC you’ll find on the way who will offer you an Incendiary Longbow Arrow. Then, get on the ship and on to the cargo holds.

Taira no Kagekiyo Boss battle 

Subsequent to arriving at the field, General Taira no Kagekiyo and a bowman will come to battle you. 

Prior to getting into the battle with the general, take out the bowman, it will be easier. In the event that you battle both at the same time, it will get troublesome. 

The general may toss a few bombs at you while battling, so be prepared to avoid them. He will also attack you with his katana. 

You can easily kill this boss by simply attacking and evading. This denotes the finish of The Lost Sword sub mission of Nioh 2.


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