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Hitman 3 Player Stuffs Every Sapienza NPC Into a Freezer

Hitman 3

Hitman 3 Updates: Finally, the strenuous task of knocking out every non-player character in the game’s Sapienza map has been completed by someone. Yes, that is true. A Twitch streamer playing Hitman 3 has done the task of beating all non-player and stuffing them all in a freezer.

Launched last week, IO Interactive’s Hitman 3,  serves as the theatrical conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy. The modern Hitman trilogy debuted in 2016 and has flourished into a classic stealth franchise.

The series Hitman gives the players the freedom to choose their approach for any mission, where each level gives them immense opportunity to explore and conquer. The freedom naturally leads to some unconventional and splendid acts from the devoted players of the series.

Speedrunning has particularly become a fan favorite and recently two Twitch speedrunners have tied by completing the first mission in Hitman 3 in a record eight seconds. This demonstrates how magnificently Hitman players can perform by showcasing a series of perfectly-placed headshots for the game.

RTGame Daniel, a Twitch Streamer took to Twitter to celebrate his victory. He posted a video showing him stuff all the non-player entities into a single freezer in Sapienza map of Hitman3, which can be imported from 2016’s Hitman.

Hitman 3: NPC Into a Freezer

Hitman 3

It has over 200 NPCs for the player to defeat and drag into the freezer. This weird but impressive act took 6 hours to complete and the whole process was streamed on Twitch. RTGame Daniel also received appreciation from developer IO Interactive himself as he acknowledged that how he and the studio are amazed by this execution.

Being the latest title and the finale of the long-running trilogy, Hitman 3 is enjoying a successful week of sales. The game has outrun the overly popular shows such as Mario Kart 8 and Animal Crossing: New Horizons in terms of sales area topping the list in the United Kingdom.

Though developer IO Interactive has expressed giving the series a break and focussing on a James Bond video game, but the recent success might make him second guess his decision, giving fans more adventures in the future.

The main USP of Hitman games is that they give plenty of tools and freedom to players to explore the different levels, which allows them to experiment and achieve commendable feats totally depending upon their creativity and flair for the game like what happened with RTGame Daniel who has set a benchmark for other players as well.