Loki Proves in Endgame How MCU Return from Captain America Will Work

Captain America’s Return Updates: What Marvel did in Avengers with Loki: Endgame reveals how to get back the Captain America of Chris Evans in the MCU (and make it work).

What Marvel did to Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in Avengers: Endgame reveals how Captain America (Chris Evans) can be taken back in Phase 4 by the MCU.

The God of Mischief destroyed the Avengers: Infinity War, but the next episode took him back into the fold and set up a new story for the character. Sometime in 2021, Loki will be having his own Disney+ movie.

As for the Sentinel of Liberty, it seemed that with his retirement in Avengers: Endgame, his story was over, plus Chris Evans made it clear that he was not going to play Steve Rogers again.

Recent research, however, has cast doubt on that. Evans and Marvel are currently discussing an arrangement that will see him reprise his role as Captain America in one or two unspecified Marvel projects. This news has been downplayed by Evans, but his return remains unconfirmed for now.

If Captain America returns to the MCU, Agent Carter should return, too.

Captain America
It’s important that Marvel do it in a way that doesn’t spoil Captain America’s Avengers: Endgame ending if Steve Rogers comes back. In other words, retrieving him from the timestream does not continue his story or reverse his big decision. Instead, by looking at what it did with Loki, Marvel should follow its own example.

By returning to the Battle of New York and forcing the 2012 Loki to flee with the Space Stone, the Avengers unintentionally created a divergent timeline in the film.

Although it wasn’t meant to happen, there’s a different timeline now where, after The Avengers, Loki doesn’t get turned over to the Asgardians.

In the timestream and crossing tracks with the Time Variance Authority (TVA) in Loki, this version of the villain will run loose.

Loki on Captain America’s Return

Wherever Marvel tries to take Loki in his show, since this is a different iteration of the character, it does not run the risk of damaging its Infinity War ending. The fact that the MCU’s first Loki died a hero’s death on the Grandmaster’s ship will not affect all that the show will do.

This is an efficient technique and one that will also work for Steve. The character audiences see could be a clone of him that comes from somewhere in the multiverse if and when Chris Evans plays Captain America again.

A timeline can occur where Cap’s life has taken a different course. The potential possibilities are infinite because of all the various aspects in which such MCU incidents may have happened.

Currently, it may be that Loki’s show would actually be what brings in the divergent timeline of Steve Rogers. He’s likely to be causing mayhem in other time spans based on what is known about Loki himself and the Loki series.

There is no idea how many new timelines will be formed by his actions. One of them might easily be the one that Step 4’s Captain America comes from.

It may be that he would leave his own timeline during a multiverse adventure, whether in Doctor Strange 2 or a separate Marvel project and assist Earth’s superheroes in a large-scale war, possibly compensating for his absence in Avengers:

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