Will Tom Hiddleston Continue with More Loki Seasons?

Recently The God of Michievies, Tom Hiddleston aka Loki was asked, whether he’ll continue with more seasons of Loki or not, and it is what he answered!

Whenever we see a movie or series we tend to associate actors involved in that with certain roles and want to see them over and again in the upcoming seasons of that particular movie or series.

So all those fans who have seen the first season of the series which is titled Loki must be excited to know whether Tom Hiddleston will be part of the second season of the series or not.

So today we are here so that we can give you all the details and updates with relation to the casting of the actor Tom Hiddleston in the upcoming season of the series.

So without making any further delays let us just quickly move on so that we can give you every of the details and updates associated with this particular happening by the time all you need to do exists keep on reading this article till the end!!!!

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Here is What Tom Hiddleston Said About Playing Loki in the Future!

Tom Hiddleston

First of all, let us tell you that The Marvel Disney+ series Loki first premiered in 2021 and the next installment of the series came up by late 2023 in both seasons of the series Tom has portrayed the role of God of Mischief in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the year 2011.

When during a recent interview on the 5th of April 2024 media persons asked Tom Hiddleston whether he would be part of the third installment of the series or not so he made the below statement:

“I truly don’t know,” he further made the statement “There have been other times when I thought it was the end and I’ve been mistaken, but if this is the end, I’m so proud of where we ended up.”

So by analyzing the above statements we can see that the actor is still confused about the future of his role he will be getting to know it when the makers will be revealing about it.

Stay updated and thanks for reading:)