Bridgerton Season 2  Why Lady Whistledown needs an immediate change

Bridgerton Season 2 Update: The most logical thing to do in the second Season of Bridgerton is to change the course of the Lady Whistledown subplot. Given the show’s gossip columnist premise, the suspense sustained for the first eight episodes of Bridgerton, but this character is not in line with the progressive nature of the show. Now that Lady Whistledown’s true identity is revealed in the season 1 finale, there is immense potential for a story that would show the true intentions of the character.

The totality of Bridgerton season 1, is narrated by Lady Whistledown in the voice of the legend, Julie Andrews. Her commentaries tones the entire series, as the audience follow her lead to track the movements of their favorite characters. An example of this is when Lady Whistledown praises Daphne Bridgerton and Marina Thompson initially but immediately put them down with embarrassing stories damaging their reputation. It seems that she is enjoying this in-tune of hers at all times.

Bridgerton Season 2: Update

Bridgerton Season 2

In season 1 it is revealed that Lady Whistledown is none other than  Penelope, the youngest Featherington daughter. She is a girl with an obvious ax to grind. However, the revelation does bring some meaning to the first 8 episodes but it would be rather unpleasant for the show if they develop the character into the villain of the series.

First, considering Bridgerton wants to claim itself as a progressive show, then it must not hamper the emotional development of a young female character who clearly needs some life guidance. But all things aside, Penelope still has extraordinary confidence in her writing skills and ability to acquire valuable information, but she is very close to becoming a sociopath who is determined to destroy the lives of people who make her angry.

The character needs some kind of enlightenment providing a sense of clarity so that the storyline can move forward by easing the minds of Londoners. With Season 2, Netflix should fix this bit of the character. Moreover, she has already proven her powers and intelligence by managing her own empire.

Still, the facts remain and it is true that she needs a guiding path to re-write her story and Netflix must figure this out in the upcoming season.

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