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Fast and Furious: 10 Characters from the first 3 movies who need to come back

Fast and Furious
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Fast and Furious Update: In both events and events, the Fast & Furious franchise grew massive, but ten characters from the three original films should return. While the original The Fast and the Furious looked different today, over the years, the cast of this show has built up a kind of the biggest hit of the favorite characters of the fans.

All cannot be satisfied, however, and since the three original films in the series are full of colorful characters, a group of favorites of the fans is left in the dust. One of the reasons why the F&F franchise is perfect is that the cast is always something a little better if it takes any of them back aboard. Johnny Tran, who was the first (and possibly the last) time the public was able to feel the high stakes in danger, was still one of the richest villains of the whole franchise.

Fast and Furious Update:

Fast and Furious
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It is doubtful that fans will see him again, but as the villains of F&F are now practically superheroes, it would be cool if they saw him pop up briefly. In the Fast & Furious series, Jesse and its crew were shot on a drive-by, and one of the most emotive.

There are a lot of surprise emotional scenes. Jesse, since he was fun and down to earth, was a fantastic character, and perhaps the most human in the series, but he also took errors like everyone else. It would also be good to see him in some flashback, and while not in a flashback in the past, the series was not shy that characters were brought back from the dead.

Carter Verone is one of the film villains most typical of the period. Although the franchise wouldn’t fully enter action until the fifth film, Verone is a villain of Bond more than anything, because he has a yacht, a castle, a million cars, and a ridiculous focus, of course.

Verone is nice to see again, as he had so much more character than any villain since then, although it was well beyond him, and he had quite a few methods of severe torture. Agent Markham is just the hot-headed FBI agent in 2 Easy 2 Furious.

His character’s arc in the film is so funny and something that viewers have seen in one million movies, as it locks horns at first with the undercover cop Brian, but they both share respect as they work together reluctantly to bring the bad man down. But they opposed agent Bilkins and had a funny back and forth, which the authoritative figures of the series have since never learned.

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