Bridgerton Season 2 The Story that Period Romances Shy Away From

Bridgerton Season 2 Update: The Netflix show Bridgerton will continue to shatter stereotypes and bring fresh air to the romance genre as they depict the married life of Simon and Daphne in their next.

The first season of the show is based on Julia Quinn’s first novel in the romance series The Duke and I, about the Bridgerton siblings. Following the novel, Bridgerton Season 1 focuses on Daphne Bridgerton played by Phoebe Dynevor and Simon Basset, The Duke of Hasting(Regé-Jean Page).

Bridgerton has already refashioned screen adaptations of Regency-era romance in many ways, making one major alteration with Simon and Daphne marrying at the midpoint of the season and not in the end. While it is most likely that the primary focus will move on Anthony in Season 2, it is also certain that Daphne and Simon will continue to be the major characters in upcoming seasons.

Bridgerton has gained immense popularity becoming one of the most successful Netflix originals to date, competing with the likes of The Witcher and Stranger Things.

Bridgerton Season 2: Update

bridgerton season 2

Shondaland produced it for Netflix, the show is clearly evocative of the other Shonda Rhimes shows like Scandal and Gray’s Anatomy in terms of drama exaggerated between a talented cast of diversified characters.

Bridgerton’s modern pop covers soundtrack, lavish costumes, grand sets, and eye-popping color palette accents the drama and make every scene a visual treat.

Although Simon’s and Daphne’s wedding occurs early in the series, their “happily ever after” is still placed at the end. Still, there are many phases of the relationship left to explore.

They get back together in the final episode and welcome a son into their family, but there are many loopholes left hanging in this story from both the parties which will eventually turn into an ugly outroar at some point because they haven’t dealt with it yet.

This is not to comply that Simon and Daphne’s relationship is wrecked but the show has a chance to portray a realistic and relatable marriage in the second season.

As In real life, the wedding isn’t the “Happy Ending”. However, we expect to see what happens after ‘happily ever after’ as Simon and Daphne navigate the struggles of married life that range from mundane to traumatic facing the difficulties of the new parenthood.

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