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Last Of Us: Uncharted Dev Fantasy Game Possibly Shown In Concept Art

Last Of Us

Last Of Us Updates: The Last of Us studio could next tackle fantasy and Senior Concept Artists of Naughty Dog’s appears to be teasing that Uncharted from Concept art.

If concept art shared by the teams with any indications from Senior Concept Artist, The Last of Us and Uncharted was behind the studio Naughty Dog may explore the fantasy genre next.

The last summer, following The Last of Us Part two, was released, the studio president and series co-creator Neil Druckmann was said that Naughty Dog’s next endeavor is either at the center of the series or something different.

The studio is openly paying to do a new project and to some degree, the docket seems as it may already be in the works to some degree. According to another project from Druckmann, the question will be very cool.

Formerly, a Senior Concept Artist added three new pieces of concept art from Naughty Dog, Hyoung Nam to his Artstation page. Nam’s headline refers to “The Women of North” the three images which are fan-esque in nature. Respectively, the final two, portray a tribal woman and a female mage.

Last Of Us Concept Art

Last Of Us

It would be nice to see the relief zone of the studio step out to scrutinize something a little less grounded and a lot more fantastical. In Uncharted, there are some mythical creatures, as well as unusual illustrations of magic, but nothing has a full-on mage or outside the box as a dragonslayer.

For artists, these pictures are more than private projects, in their pre-planned phases lot of unmade games get concept art.

Naughty Dog plans to declare openly its next game officially and there’s no knowledge of a particular date. During a PlayStation 4 launch stream, the new Uncharted 4 reveal went live on that period, only five months after the arrival of The Last of Us 2013.

The Last of Us Part II PlayStation Experience at 2016 was disclosed originally on Sony, approximately after seven years of shelves hit shops Uncharted 4. The format hasn’t recited itself as of now.

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