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Outriders Servers Are Experiencing Issues, Developer Responds

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Outriders Updates: The developers of Outriders have now said that servers are now live once more within us. you ought to be ready to revisit playing the sport now if you were blocked from doing so before.

If you’re trying to play Outriders today, which is that the latest game from People Can Fly and Square Enix, you would possibly be finding yourself experiencing some problems with the title’s servers.

Although this is often something that’s surely annoying if you have been experiencing these problems firsthand, People Can Fly has openly said that it’s conscious of the problems and is trying to find a fix immediately.

Shared on social media via the official Outriders account, People can fly acknowledged the server dysfunction that’s currently happening with the sport.

To let fans know what they’re doing to repair the matter, they provided a link to a webpage that breaks down the malfunctions in greater detail. “We are currently investigating a problem that’s affecting the supply of Core Game Components,” People Can Fly said of the present trouble with Outriders. “We are working to repair this as soon as possible.”

Outriders Developer Responds


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Although this is often definitely frustrating to experience, it isn’t all that shocking to ascertain Outriders having some issues in its first weekend. It looks like nearly all multiplayer or online-focused games that release tend to possess some bugs in their first days after launch.

Considering Outriders barely came out yesterday, which is released to a good wider audience than normal because of Xbox Game Pass, it isn’t all that surprising to ascertain People Can Fly needs to compute some kinks. At the very least, the very fact that the studio knows what the particular problem bodes well for everything getting back to normal quickly.

If you are looking to urge your hands on Outriders for yourself immediately, you’ll currently pick the sport abreast of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC platforms. We’ll even be bound to keep you within the loop if there are any longer issues with the sport moving forward.