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Minecraft Dungeons Announces Echoing Void DLC

Minecraft Dungeons Updates: The fourth and final DLC expansion of the current Season Pass of Minecraft Dungeons is here. The DLC expansion which is called Echoing Void will conclude the ongoing Minecraft Dungeons story.

Minecraft Dungeons is getting another DLC expansion, Echoing Void. The game has had five expansions till now, the first two as part of the game’s Hero Pass, while the other three as part of the ongoing Season Pass.

Echoing Void will be the fourth expansion in the Season Pass and will be responsible for concluding its ongoing story. The third DLC for the Season Pass, Hidden Depths, was released last May 26.

Developer Mojang has been releasing some free content updates throughout the past year. Some of the content updates will be released along with the DLC expansions in order to give players something new to enjoy.

Minecraft Dungeons celebrated its one-year anniversary with the release of Hidden Depths DLC expansion. To celebrate their one-year anniversary, Mojang released a set of seasonal trials and rewards. The developers also announced that the game has reached over 11.5 million unique players during its first year.

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The current Season Pass will conclude with the fourth DLC expansion Echoing Void. It is set to release on July 28, 2021. Echoing Void is set in the mysterious dimension called The End and will conclude the current storyline that started last year. Apart from bringing a conclusion to the story, Echoing Void will also add new levels, enemies, missions, puzzles, gears, and more. However, Mojang has not specified what exactly the players should expect from the new DLC expansion.

Mojang has announced some content updates that will be released along with the final DLC expansion. The new content update includes enchantments such as Ambush, Shadow Blast, and Void Strike. The content update will also add the Gauntlets of Gales, a maze-like mission that includes difficult trials and puzzles. And lastly, Mojang is releasing Minecraft Dungeons: Ultimate Edition which will include the base game with all six DLC expansions at a cheaper value than buying it separately. Minecraft mods: Ultimate Edition will release along with the final DLC expansion Echoing Void.

The release of Minecraft Dungeons: Ultimate Edition along with Echoing Void is a great way to bring in new players for the game. New players can try the game without having to worry about buying the different expansions separately.

Those who already play the game have to wait a few weeks to experience the final chapter of the current story. You can enjoy the final chapter from July 28, 2021, on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.