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Paul Bettany Thought Marvel Was Firing Him When They Pitched WandaVision


WandaVision Updates: Paul Bettany who is starred in Marvel’s WandaVision’s series thought Marvel was firing him when pitching the idea for the Tv show to him.

Paul Bettany thought that Marvel was firing him when they pitched him WandaVision. Bettany joined MCU at the very start by voicing JARVIS in Ironman, a role that was given to him by director Jon Favreau as a robot with no personality.

Bettany became Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron when JARVIS’s operating system was transferred to the synthetic body created by Ultron. In Avengers, Vision famously got dead in Infinity war. Death of Vision is a big part of WandaVision’s story as he has mysteriously returned for the kick-starter of the MCU’s phase 4.

WandaVision tells the story of Wanda and Vision who is now living in suburb Westview. Last Friday, the series was debuted with two episodes and has received praises for its refreshing approach of saying the truth in the form of classic sitcoms, first starting the 50s and later venturing into the 60s in episode 2.

Also, the episode includes great teases that all is not well in, what appears to be a fictional world created by Wanda to combat the reality of Vision’s death. The first two episodes were proved to be great opening to show that Bettany didn’t believe was going to happen.

In a new interview with Variety, promoting WandaVision’s release, Bettany discussed when he first heard the pitch for WandaVision. Also, he feared the worst when he was summoned to the meeting by Kevin Feige.

Having ‘ died twice’ in Infinity War, Bettany revealed that he automatically assumed his run was coming to an end and even begun bu acknowledging the end of the road.

Also, after the revelation, Bettany said pitching him ’a TV show’, which is inspired by the comic book tales House of M and The Visions, also classic sitcoms, the Vision actor told he is in.

WandaVision: Why Paul Bettany Thought Marvel Was Firing Him

One cannot blame Bettny for assuming he was being let go, though Vision’s relationship with Wanda was a compelling one, he had a big moment in the Marvel films being part of.

In Infinity War, his character died, his contract was up and he wasn’t having the star power of a Chris Hemsworth or Robert Downey Jr., then the conclusion came to an end.

Meeting hs now led to the breath of fresh air that is WandaVision for Bettany and fans of Marvel. Not just the show has compelled with its several takes on sitcoms that cover up the deeper turmoil that Wanda is experiencing, but Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen shown as leads by great comedic timing and a different side to their respective characters

MCU’s Vision actor recently stated that he wants to continue playing Vision in some capacity even noting that in watching WandaVision, fans will understand that anything is possible.

Olsen also revealed that season 2 for the new Disney+ series is possible, so Bettany moves further with a strong presence. It isn’t out of the realm of possibilities that he can appear in future films as MCU will be heading into the multiverse soon. Being watched the first two seasons of WandaVision, fans are likely happy that Bettany wasn’t let go by Marvel.