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The New Wonder Woman Already Has DC’s Greatest Sidekick

The New Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Updates: A new Wonder Woman has risen in DC’s Future State, as great as Yara Flor is on her own, she may also have the greatest sidekick of all time.

A new Wonder Woman has arrived in the DC Universe, in the absence of Diana Prince due to the aftermath of DC Comics’ Dark Nights: Death Metal.

The latest hero to take up the iconic mantle, Yara Flor, hailing from the Amazon rainforest of Brazil, and as a part of DC’s Future State event, a new series has just been released, taking a look forward at the possibilities of the DC Universe. Although this new Wonder Woman has her own right, she also has one of the greatest sidekicks ever.

Future State: Wonder Woman #1 from Joelle Jones their readers to Yara Flor in the Amazon rainforest, and show up her great skills as a warrior off the bat.

Yara has been chosen to serve as interference between the worlds of god and man. While Diana Prince is chosen demigod daughter of the Greek God Zeus, Yara Flor is the chosen demigod daughter of Guarani God Tupa.

According to the details, Yara seems to be the capable fighter in this issue, though she may need to work on her patience. She turns away before she can see it rising again with multiple heads while she initially believes herself to have slain a vicious beast, revealing itself as a mighty hydra. In the event of getting caught by the monster’s many-headed second wind, she thankfully has Jerry’ to help her out.

Wonder Woman DC’s Greatest Sidekick

The New Wonder Woman

Just last possible seconds before Yara’s ultimate end, Jerry comes to save the day, revealed to be a winged horse a la the mythological Pegasus that swoops in to give her a ride.

Yara is able to fight the hydra for good this time with the help of Jerry, and also the pair fly off in victory while Jerry talks back, offering criticisms of Wonderwoman’s heroic in a horse speak she can apparently understand nicely.

Jerry, the flying horse, is the best add-on to this Wonder Woman series and she seems to be a suitable companion for the new Amazon warrior. Although Yara has some brashness, impatience, and stubbornness she’s dealing with, Jerry seems to be lazy and have a mind of his own, complaining about her heroic but at the end willing to lend a hand.

The issue shows that he’s more than willing to call Wonder Woman on any mishaps or errors she might have. Apart from this, Jerry is part of the Wonder Woman legacy, as Diana also originally had a flying steed, giving a traditional alliance to Yara.

Yara has been issued on the rest of the feature ventured into the underworld where Jerry apparently isn’t allowed, it seems as though fans will get to see more of him soon as DC’s Future State: Wonder Woman series continues.

Jerry is an example of the perfect mode of transportation with a hilarious attitude and he’s one of the greatest sidekicks in the entire DC Universe after only one issue.

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