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Doctor Who Season 13 “Blink” Star Carey Mulligan on Revisiting Sally Sparrow

Doctor Who Season 13

Doctors Who Season 13 Updates: Bbc’s Doctor who always seems to find a way to stay in the headlines, for a show that hasn’t been on the air for newly a year.

From hello and goodbye to John Barrowman and Captain jack to really to saying goodbye to Graham and Ryan and offering preliminary hello to Series 13 companion Dan, it is understandable if you’ve cut your ‘ who Scorecard’ by now.

Rumors that Jodie Whittaker is going to be a great role after the upcoming series and suddenly you’re having to remind that show it probably won’t be back for another month.

It’s good to take a moment to reflect on the show’s past and this time, it’s Carey Mulligan allowing us to come along as looking back on her time on the series where not blinking became a matter of life and death.

Steven Moffat written 10th episode of the show’s third ‘ revival’ season ‘blink’ introduces Mulligan’s Sally Sparrow, that doctor who fans know as the episodes that introduced the Weeping Angels. Also, the sparrow is the main protagonist in the episode and had companion’s making or at least further examination down the road.

Doctor Who Season 13 Production Details

Doctor Who Season 13
In series 13 production, Chibnall and the team are already hard at work, revealing last month,’ We are filming as we speak. Also, got new characters, new monsters, some old ones coming back.

We’re only a few weeks in. Under covid protocols, work has to be done in a different manner, but every series of Doctor who’ has had challenges. Now, as we’re sure that he’s going to hear a lot over the next several months so when will viewers be able to see it?

Surprisingly it felt like Chibnall doesn’t know about it. Also, it’s just higher power out there who would prefer he stay quiet for now. ‘Yesh, I’ve got an idea,’ Chibnal answered smiling. ‘ But Charlotte Moore would send the boys round if I told you any hints. After completion, I promise we’ll put it on telly straight away.

Though, their Revolution may get over, is there any seen of watching the donated big bads make a return in Series 13? Chibnall wouldn’t say one or another but he gave the confirmation that some familiar faces of the monster persuasion will be making their returns.

‘Yes, more monsters are coming back. There are ones appearing over the past 15 years who deserve another visit in the next series. In fact, they are making plans and we say.

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