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Falcon and Winter Soldier New Suits first look

The latest image of The Falcon and Winter Soldier shows the new suits for Sam Wilson along with Bucky Barnes. They are at last stepping out of Steve Rogers’ shadow in Phase 4. It will be a new era for the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney Plus. They were about to be starring in the first MCU Disney+ series, but the Corona Virus forced suspension of work worldwide.

Even though Marvel Studios showed videos from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier at the start of 2020, a more complete look at the series arrived recently. The focus was on Sam and Bucky’s new adventures and was a great on-screen dynamic. A few scenes of their non-superhero lives were being shown. In the trailer, many battle scenes were shown.

The promotions of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier continues to roll on. The brand new move comes straight from Disney. The streaming partner has released a preview of ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ which we all will get to witness next year. It was recently confirmed it will release on March 19th, 2021. The latest photo puts the spotlight on Sam and Bucky, although it is highlighting their great new costumes.

What does the Falcon and Winter Soldier New Suits look like?


We can say that this is the best look of costumes which Marvel has released till now. We have got a good idea of how Falcon and Bucky will look in the series. Actor Sam’s latest wear after the previous Avengers is terrific. However, Bucky’s newer silver and gold vibranium arm shines bright in the photo. Whether just having a metal arm was cool before is not known, but this image really makes the new design pop.

What will happen in the show this time?

Even though the context for Falcon and Bucky’s intense staredown is not known, both these men appear prepared to jump into the action. The new trailer for of the series showed us that Bucky is running and Falcon is trying to fly out of a warehouse which looks similar to the one shown here. Maybe they’ve just received some important information about their current mission. The good thing is we will soon know and get to discover what The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is all about and specifically what is happening here.

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