Avengers 5: Possible predictions about new changes

Avengers 5 Updates: This originated as a renovation of a preceding superhero league labeled All-Winners Squad which appeared in the volumes of Timely Comics, prior to the Marvel Comics publications by Legendary Stan Lee and co-plotter Jack Kirby.

Since the last Avengers: Endgame took off the silver screen as the all-time highest box-office grosser, the Marvel fanatics are wildly counting on a sequel. Though we couldn’t catch a glimpse of its teaser rolling in the post-credit scenes yet we just can’t accommodate the concept of this saga to end like a shot.

With the valediction to the leading characters of Ironman, Black Widow alongside  Captain America and half of the team departing, Disney and Marvel Studios have not yet given up on the Avengers movies which might now have a reformed cast.

Avengers 5: Some honorable mentions of the teammates who might suit up for leadership

1. Spider-man /Peter Parker

For one thing that he used to worship Tony Stark as a father-like figure and Stark too thought him worthy of being his successor as witnessed in Spider-man: Far from home but there are multiple odds stacked against the so-called friendly neighborhood hero Spider-man.

In Spider-man Homecoming, impressing Mr.Stark and becoming an Avenger was his major concern but was subsided by degrees over the span and acknowledged he wants to remain in his spandex suit and has a lot of growing to do which does not make him apt for captaincy.

2. Dr. Strange /Stephen Strange

Outgrowing his egoistic nature he became a man of selflessness who would go all extents on a loop to save the world, for eternity. Doctor Strange ended off with him in charge of the protection of the New York Sanctum and gave a hand in warding off the evil; referred to Thanos and Loki in this case.

His mastery over wizardry was reliable enough to land him a sorcerer job but to lead a team that has no knowledge of the magical practices and him confronting terrestrial threats would be rather peculiar.

3.Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers

Besides Thor, Denvers might be the only one familiar with manifold challenges in many dimensions. Through her intergalactic journey for 30 years, she has made allies and contacts across the galaxy and even radiates confidence.

To Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios she might be in a similar vein to Ironman and Captain America but one thing that sets her apart for leadership is her tendency to be a lone wolf and her predilection for focusing on cosmic danger.

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