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Falcon And The Winter Soldier: What Captain America Return Means For Phase 4

Falcon and Winter Soldier

Captain America Update: Here is good news for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s fans. Chris Evans will be seen in MCU phase 4 now. This will, for the sure affect the upcoming series- falcon and the winter soldier.

We know that phase 4 for Marvel Cinematic Universe has already begun with the release of Wanda Vision, which released this January.

There are many more shows in the list of MCU. This year fans will probably witness many such films and series. Phase 4 for the series will be lasting till 2023. Here we have everything related to the question – what Captain America’s return means for phase 4?

Is Captain America Returning?

If such a question is asked, then probably the answer should be yes! The news has already splashed over that Chris Evans will be reprising the role of Steve Rogers for the upcoming movies and series for phase 4.

Captain America

After the release of Wanda Vision, phase 4 began. After which, there were so many talks about the superheroes on Disney+. The news confirms that captain America or Chris Evans is working on a project with MCU.

Captain America Return

Avengers: endgame marked the end of some famous superheroes, like iron man. The tragic end of the movie was enough to make fans sad. But the scenes were not the same for all. The ending scene of the endgame sees an iron man sacrificing his life for the sake of goodness.

Similarly, there were many superheroes whose story ended the same way. But the scene related to Captain America’s end delivers an opportunity open for his another reprise. His final goodbye in the endgame left some opportunities for the actor.

How Will This Affect The Falcon And Winter Soldiers?

If MCU is really planning for the reprise of Chris Evans then it is very likely that the return of Captain America will have a great effect on the falcon and the winter soldiers. The return of Chris Evans will also mark the unfolding of phase 4.

At the end of Avengers: endgame, captain America has seen handing over the shield to his successor Sam or Falcon. This means that Chris Evans wants Sam to be his successor after his story comes to an end.

But, that won’t be too easy for falcon. As the government wants John Walker to be the next Captain America. So, hereby, it becomes quite important for captain America to star in the movie.

Moreover, if captain America reprises, he will act as a guide for the falcon, which is much needed for the falcon. Finally, we can say that it depends on MCU how much they make use of Captain America’s role.

Stay tuned for more updates and news.

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