Star Wars Squadrons: Revealed Xbox One and PS4 2.0 Patch and Some Changes for the Gamers

Star Wars Squadrons
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Star Wars Squadrons Updates: The well-known gaming brand EA seems to be working hard to improve Star War Squadrons. After successfully releasing the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and pc.

Players already have witnessed free cosmetics that release as a part of the free tie in series Mandalorian. Recently 2.0 patch of Starwars Squadrons marks its release across various gaming platforms.

The Electronic Arts development team considers it a major and massive update for Star Wars Squadrons. Many new changes are made to progressive systems. Just a developing team is trying to combat and resolve the issues with players in the existing games.

Dan Kim, a senior system designer of Squadrons expresses through his blog. “A new and latest forfeit system is set for Fleet Battles. Just trying to replace the old ‘safe to leave’. Another system called ‘Match not Scored’.

We just feel that the previous system is quite difficult for players after a withdrawal. Some layers often report of being robbed for wins.” Kim furthure continues. “The new system offers full control to players and allows them to decide which match worth a fight.

Star Wars Squadrons
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This time players will be awarded something from all sides. With their natural play or forfeit can gain skill points and progression rewards.

Although players will surely lose if their partners or teammates leave them. But still will be able to gain full progression rewards.”

Star Wars Squadrons Updates in Fleet Battle : 

As there are changes and updates in the lobby system new mortal changes in fleet battle are an addition to them. There will be improved AI functioning that will surely prevent AI farming issues.

This will surely provide an option to reset your rankings during AI farming. If the plate is on rank 0 then can rank out from there and rank himself normally.

The Captain ship behaviors will also witness some slight changes. These will provide a better flying experience during the game. All these updates seem to be quite impressive.

They will surely help in enhancing the gameplay of Star Wars Squadrons. For more information on EA games or Star Wars Squadrons. Just keep yourself glued to us and have a frequent visit.

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