Apex Legends Season 7: Respawn Share details about Battle Pass Updates

Apex Legends Season 7
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Apex Legends Season 7 Updates: Seventh season of Apex Legends just launches but there already some challenges with the battle pass.

Authorities from Developers Respawn Entertainment confirm that. This thing was tweaked earlier regarding the functioning of the battle pass. This time battle pass progress awards as stars instead of old-fashioned CP. Each star represents one-tenth of a level.

There are slots in the star meter where all the winning stars are filled. When this meter test fully filled, the level completes and the meter gets reset for next season. Seems to be an interesting and appealing way to monitor season progress.

This time the challenges will provide players with points but they will be star marking in place of numbers. Depending upon the difficulty it will grade from 1-5 stars. After collecting the set of ten stars players will be promoted to the next Battle Pass level.

There will be tabs too in the challenges menu present in the lobby. These tabs will help players to toggle between daily, top, and weekly new challenges and events. With the release of the seventh season of Apex Legends, it seems like gaming becomes much easier for players.

There is another change regarding the drop in XP requirements. The XP requirements in season seven drop from 10000 to 5000. Basically, XP requirements range 10000 > 5000 per star. Weekly challenges in season seven will take comparable less time than previous seasons to complete. The two main goals planned to achieve behind season seven are.

Apex Legends Season 7 Changes in Characters

Apex Legends Season 7
Image Source: GamesRadar
  • Just making it quite engaging for players.
  • Encouraging players to try new playing techniques and legendary characters.

Only these many changes are reported to the date. No such confirmation regarding any other change is available. It’s not clear about the game run of Apex Legends Season 7 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and personal computers.

But it’s clear that this season will bring no more recurring challenges but rewards will revamp the daily challenges. Seems like most of the weekly challenges can still be completed any time during the whole season.

The XP challenges will offer you a star for each 10000 XP won. But the boosts will not increase underlying XP gains.

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