Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8: Star has no idea what will be after BLM Protests

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Updates: Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an American comedy-drama created by Dan Goor and Michael Schur. The story follows the life of an immature, but talented NYPD detective who usually gets into conflicts with new commanding officers.

The show has released 7 brilliant episodes and is about to get the 8th season into action.

A cast member of the show Andre Braugher, who plays the role of Captain Holt in Brooklyn Nine-Nine in the show, says, he has no idea about the 8th season of the show after the Black Lives Matter protests.

The show was released for five seasons on Fox before being canceled, then it was taken over by NBC. The upcoming season of the show will premiere on NBC.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 BLM Protest

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a comedy show, but despite being a comic series, the show has tried to put front several social issues. Now, they have tried to reflect on the incident which recently took place in America, where a black guy was killed due to racial discrimination.

Image Source: TVweb

The 8th season will try to put forward the Black Lives Matter protest as clearly as possible. The star is worried about the outcome of the season. He has no idea how will the show come out in front of the audience.

In an interview with Variety, Andre Braugher stated that he has no idea about the storyline. He also added everything has changed. He said either the upcoming season would be a super hit or a total flop.

Braugher ended by saying the reality should be reflected, and that’s what Brooklyn Nine-Nine does. They do not hide these situations behind glorifying cop dramas.

This isn’t the first time Braugher spoke his heart out about the upcoming season. He said the series has to break the myths about the cops in America. He admitted, he is a part of the myth-making process. He mentioned, “He has fallen prey to the mythology that’s been built up”.

Now we have to wait for the release of season 8 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to give our reviews about the show. Will people accept the harsh reality of today’s world? Or will they criticize the show?

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