Terry Crews Wanted Brooklyn Nine Nine In Movie, Especially Halloween Heist Episode!

Terry Crews would love to see Brooklyn Nine-Nine as a movie. There is a lot of series that ended and have broken a lot of Hearts. There are many series that left a mark on us and have contributed a lot to the world of entertainment.

If we talk about any such series then we should also know that such series is not just for one year or two but they run for almost a decade. We have seen such serious and among them are FRIENDS, Big Bang Theory, and Vampire Diaries.

If we talk about any such seriousness in the terms of sitcoms then we still have one more name in it. It is Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Recently Terry Crews thought about the series and how he will love to get a movie on this series.

What more Terry Crews shared about the Brooklyn Nine Nine?

Terry Crews
Business Insider

Terry Crews who is famously known for hosting reality shows has recently talked about the union of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He is an actor, an author, and recently given an interview with Hollywood Reporters. He has called the castmates his family members. He then talks about a serious interest in the gang of Brooklyn Nine-Nine getting back. He talked about how he wanted the gang to get back for a film that will center on Halloween Heist.

Heading to words, he said he is still very interested in it. He still thinks that they could do a movie of Heist. He said that since they had a Halloween episode and that is the reason why he thinks that it would be a brilliant idea.

He then further added and said that it will be great with peacock and all the great things that have been done by NBC. He thinks that almost every cast member will be ready to do or will be ready to give at least an hour or a half related to the episode. He said that if they will include 3 episodes of the Halloween Heist then it will be wonderful.

Terry Crews then said he love his castmates. He also said that he has spent 8 years with them and for him, they are like a true family. By confessing more about it, he said he misses them every day.

Terry Crews with other members had a wonderful time together while shooting for the series. Fans are totally hoping that they would make a comeback and somehow find a little time from their schedule for the reunion.

Stephanie Beatriz has also expressed one time how she would love to get a revival.

It is very common for any shows and series to say farewell and at the same time, they get revived. And that is the reason why fans the still hoping they would get a union.

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