Netflix Emily in Paris Season 2 Who’ll in the cast and What will be the storyline?

Emily in Paris Season 2 Updates: Netflix’s drama series, Emily in Paris is another contribution of Sex and the City and Younger producer, Darren Star. This series has still maintained its position in the Top 10 series of Netflix.

Well, with such a humongous fan base and great viewing time, there should be more to the series. The show, starring Lily Collins, an American social media manager, who recently has shifted to Paris.

She has shifted here to work for an advertising company, Savoir as a brand builder. This is a perfect escape route for your stressful day. But, now that season 1 has ended, we want some more.

Will there be a sequel to Emily in Paris?

Despite the amazing fan following, Netflix still hasn’t yet given its confirmation for the sequel. But, we still have plenty of hope.

Owing to the current pandemic situation, the entertainment world is slowing down its pace. But, owing to its incredible popularity, we expect a sequel in filming very soon.

Cast details of Emily in Paris, Season 2

 Emily in Paris Season 2
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Well, the success of any series is mainly due to the incredible star cast. So, we expect the original star cast to return. It includes Collins as Emily, Samuel Arnold, and Bruno Gourey as Emily’s colleague.

The other actors are Philippine Leroy- Beaulieu as Sylvie, Emily’s strict boss, William Abadie portrays the role of Antonie Lambert, who is a perfumer and is madly in love with Emily.

The Storyline for Emily in Paris

For starters, the story is about ambitious Emily. Emily moves into Paris from Chicago to grasp an unexpected opportunity. She is given a task to bring an American point of view into the French marketing department.

All the cultural clash and the challenges of shifting into a completely new place has stirred up her life. And she has to strive for all challenges and create a perfect harmony between career, friendships, and her love life.

So, Gabriel is staying in Paris, and Antonie decides to invest in Gabriel’s restaurant. Emily after spending her time with Gabriel leads into complicating things and changes stuff.

Things go south when Gabriel’s ex-beau, Camille, ambushes Emily to have a conversation between them. So, this stirs up the entire situation.


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