Avatar: The Last Airbender Where is Guru Pathik and Much more

Avatar: The Last Airbender Updates: In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Guru Pathik plays a key role in Aang’s spiritual journey, but what happened to him after the conclusion of the show?

Guru Pathik would not be appearing in the many of the later episodes of the Avatar: The Last Airbender, he had an important legacy in the show and also laid a great impact on Aang.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Who is Guru Pathik

The show introduces Pathik in the episode of “Appa’s Lost Days”, the 15th episode of season 2, in which we can find him taking care of the distressed Appa and sends air bison with a note informing Ang to come and visit him at the Eastern Air Temple.

In the same season, the 19th episode we find him teaching Aang to open his chakras in-order to master the Avatar state. As Aana struggles to control his actions in Avatar throughout the season, Guru Pathik helps him to start his journey, by letting him know about the chakras, centers of energy within the body which have their own purposes.

Such an important character would be only reappearing in the flashbacks, or as a hallucination. what made this character to disappear?

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This character did not even make its reappearance in Legends of Korra, so it is estimated from the little hearings, what he may have done after training the avatar.

The time-lapse between season 2 of Legend of Korra and Avtar: The Last Airbender is about 70 years, Legend of Korra is 70 years ahead. Tenzin along with his family visits The Eastern Air Temple, can not find Pathik which would ultimately mean he has left the temple or he died.

After all, he was the spiritual brother to Air Nomads and also a close friend to Monk Gyatso, which makes us estimate him to be 100 years old. But this doesn’t make us jump to conclusions, as Avatar Kyoshi has lived for 230 years. If he is alive then what happened to him during Legend of Korra.

We can observe, when Pathik meets Appa, he says that he had a vision about Aang and Appa years ago, which was the primary reason for him to take residence in the Eastern Temple, as the reason for his residence fulfilled, he might have left that place and live in the place where he lived before. Or might be roaming around the world teaching people.

Well, this all is the estimations, and there is no proper evidence that fits into the situation of what really happened to Pathik which ultimately means that his story has ended with Aang.

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