Avatar: The Last Airbender: Monkey Statue is most Puzzling Mystery of the series

Avatar: The Last Airbender Updates: Avatar: The Last Airbender is full of mysteries, whether you consider the fate of Zuko’s mother or you consider the Avatar cycle’s origin, each fact is full of mystery. But the most intriguing mystery is the one which revolves around a statue of a monkey.

When the item first pops up in the Waterbending Scroll, we expected it to be a token of immense significance. Katara while randomly enters a  shop of curiosities, and comes across a statue.

This statue has some charming effect which compels her to buy it. The Monkey statue flashes its bejeweled teeth and also possesses ruby eyes with matching neckpiece. Why this monkey statue has such an effect and its importance is still a mystery. Continue reading to know more.

How does the monkey statue land up with Katara?

The stone statue of the monkey has dazzled Katara, and when she snaps into reality eventually. After which the monkey statue became the main focus from the narrator’s point of view.

Subsequently, when Iroh and Zuko enter the shop, they come across the same statue. And this statue has the same effect on Iroh, who calls it handsome and thinks it would look absolutely stunning in the gallery.

But then the narrator’s focus shifts from the statue to Zuko’s adventurous trip to hunt down the Avatar.

The monkey statue appears only in two episodes in the first season. Initially, the statue became a prime focus of the narrator but subsequently disappeared into the background.

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We expect it to possess some type of hypnotic powers. The first season concludes with pirates who sold the statue, returns to kill Zuko by destroying his ship using a bomb. Although the murder attempt fails, Zuko’s ship is destroyed including the statue.

While we expected the statue to dismantle, it somehow appeared in Season 3 again, but with a different person i.e. Gaang’s possession. This statue appeared among the Team Avatar’s possession.

There is no reference to how it reached near Iroh. But, the most sensible explanation is maybe the pirates who sold it to Zuko first, had stolen it from him and given it to Gaang.

What does the monkey statue stand for?

The monkey statue represents a dark desire for the Waterbender, especially Katara. Additionally, the statues’ nature of returning to her no matter what also intends towards the attraction of it towards Katara.

The Monkey’s statue is thus an important and most intriguing symbol which manages to justify its meaning quite subtly.


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