Kipo & The Age of Wonderbeasts Season 3 Characters and Voive Cast Guide and Much more

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Season 3 Updates: Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Season 3 is out now on Netflix. The story traces Kipo’s journey from being a Burrow Girl to a Mega Jaguar and fights against Dr. Emilia to save all the mutes.

The show featured in January 2020 and is just another collab between Netflix and Dreamworks Animation.

The animation of this series is done by Studio Mir which is also responsible for the commendable animation of some famous series like Avatar: The Last Airbender. The first 2 seasons of Kipo had 10 episodes each.

The storyline for Kipo and The Age of Wonderbeasts

The series is about the post-apocalyptic stage on Earth, where humans are compelled to go underground. The reason behind such a harsh decision is, all the plants and animals have now become mutated, and are now more intelligent, and huge.

One day Kipo’s burrow is ambushed and she appears lost on the surface, after living underground for years. When she tries to reunite with her fellow mates, Kipo creates several friends, who are both humans as well as mutated animals. She concludes that the only way to survive properly is to co-exist.

Kipo even discovers her own talent. She can convert herself into both human as well as in mutated animals, and all thanks go to her parents, injecting her with a mutated DNA.

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In the sequel, Kipo defeats the Scarlemagne. She came to know more about some villains like Dr. Emilia, who plans to stop the cure behind the conversion of all the mutated animals. So, now that you had a quick recap, Continue reading to know the cast details in 3rd Season.

Main Cast details

  • Kipo Oak by Karen Fukuhara, who is an extrovert, 13-year old human girl.
  • Wolf by Sydney Mikayla, who is Kipo’s best buddy.
  • Dave by Deon Cole, the best buddy of Benson.
  • Coy Stewart as Benson, who is another human on the surface.
  • Dee Bradley as Mandu, who is a mutated pig.

Supporting Star Cast

  • Lio Oak by Sterling K. Brown, who is Kipo’s dad and a great scientist.
  • Song Oak by Jee Young Han, who is Kipo’s mother, and also a scientist.
  • Dr. Emilia by Amy Landecker, a scientist who wants to cure the mutes.
  • Scarlemagne by Dan Stevens

With such an amazing cast and crew members, the success rate of the series will exceed all previously set records.

For more updates, stay tuned.

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