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Avatar: The Last Airbender – Ozai, the main antagonist wasn’t a true Firebender

Ozai, the main antagonist of Avatar The Last Airbender wasn't a true Firebender

In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Fire Lord Ozai shows characteristics and makes moves that demonstrate he’s not a genuine firebender. Fire Lord Ozai is the essential antagonist of the whole Avatar show, with the show’s three seasons gradually yet continually working to the climactic fight between hero Aang and Ozai in the finale. The fight is exceptional and Ozai almost vanquishes Aang, demonstrating that he’s very ground-breaking. Yet, for the duration of his life, Ozai abused constantly his bowing force just as his capacity on the seat. Ozai endeavored to vanquish and annihilate every one of different countries, slaughtering all the Air Nomads and almost clearing out the Water Tribes.

Avatar: The Last Airbender – Ozai wasn’t a true Firebender

Ozai, the main antagonist of Avatar The Last Airbender wasn't a true Firebender

His use of the Agni Kai was likewise horrifying. In antiquated firebending convention, Agni Kai is a formal firebending duel and can happen when one firebender challenges another and the other drinking spree acknowledges. At the point when his child, Zuko, voiced his conflict with one of Ozai’s officers, Ozai accepted his own honor had been offended and he moved Zuko to an Agni Kai duel. Zuko acknowledged, accepting he would battle the overall he’d couldn’t help contradicting. At the point when Zuko discovered that he would duel his own dad, he wouldn’t battle. Ozai considered his to be’s activities as feeble and shocking. To rebuff Zuko, Ozai consumed his face and afterward expelled him from the Fire Nation. Zuko was just thirteen years of age at that point. At the point when he later became Fire Lord, he finished the act of Agni Kai.

Initially, the Agni Kai was just utilized if all else fails to determine clashes and the duel finished when one individual consumed the other. The person who was singed would lose the duel and hence the contention was settled. By utilizing Agni Kai as a discipline for Zuko as opposed to its proposed reason for settling a generally irresolvable clash, Ozai double-crossed the first code of honor that was so imperative to the old firebenders. Ozai never understood the full reason for firebending on the grounds that he zeroed in just ablaze’s ruinous force and totally dismissed the inventive and, gratitude to this, so did his kin.

Blinded by power, Ozai turned into a deficient firebender, never utilizing his firebending capacities to their actual potential. Ozai could just observe things such that brought him power – the Agni Kai was utilized to rebuff and control; firebending was utilized to hurt and control. While Ozai undoubtedly has solid firebending capacities frequently showed in Avatar: The Last Airbender, his way of twisting and his meaning of honor deceive the very center of the principal firebenders’ convictions and imply that Fire Lord Ozai is definitely not a genuine firebender.

Ozai, the main antagonist of Avatar The Last Airbender wasn't a true Firebender 2


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