Ryan Reynolds revealed He won’t play this Superhero – Click to know

Ryan Reynolds Updates: The rivalry between DC and Marvel is going on for quite some time, and we don’t think that it will dissolve anytime soon.

Few actors have played a role in both DC as well as Marvel movie, for instance, Ben Affleck played Daredevil in Marvel and Batman in DC. Ryan Reynolds is about to make an epic Marvel deal, and he is in no mood to return to DC.

Green Lantern in 2011 felt like a good opportunity. The movie was released in full-power with an expectation to hit the box office. The movie didn’t do well, so Warner Bros. pushed plans for DC Extended Universe until Man of Steel’s release.

Ryan Reynolds Say About Green Lantern

After Reynolds’s poor performance in Green Lantern and his persistent mockery, he decided not to collaborate with DC anytime soon.

Ryan Reynolds had a tough journey until the release of Deadpool in 2016. With the success of the film, the life of Reynolds changed. Now he looks to bring the character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Speculations are running regarding how Deadpool will cross into the MCU. A new report claims that the actor himself pitched an offbeat idea for Deadpool to cut the ties with Fox’s X-men. The fans are not reacting much to this decision of Reynolds.

Two things became clear after Disney acquired Fox, Firstly, the X-Men would be incorporated into the MCU t some point in time, and Secondly, Ryan Reynolds would stay on as Deadpool through the transition. One thing that remains uncertain is whether the Disney-owned Marvel will allow the upcoming Deadpool movie to remain R-rated or not?

Roger Wardell tweeted that the actor pitched a ‘Deadpool kills Fox’s Marvel Universe’. Moreover, Wardell says that Michael Bay was in talks to direct it.

Joining the MCU would essentially be abandoning Fox’s Marvel franchise. This will include all the X-Men movies. Since Deadpool 3 would likely start a new MCU trilogy.

Fans were not quite happy with Bay’s involvement in the movie. They thought that it would destroy everything. The fans tweeted against the idea. Till now we don’t have any official announcement in this regard. Let’s assume it as a rumor and hope for the best.

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