What Is Dr. Will Kirby’s Net Worth? and other detail

Dr. Will Kirby is one of the most legendary players, if not the most legendary, in Big Brother history. His diary rooms were great, but he also captivated fans with the way he intentionally acted as a villain in the house. However, Kirby is not just one of the most successful Big Brother players of all-time, but he is also extremely successful outside of the house

Dr. Will Kirby’s Net Worth: detail

Many fans consider Big Brother 2 to be the real first season of Big Brother, as the show’s format was very similar to the way the show is formatted now. In that season, the house turned against Kirby and his friends rather quickly, as he was aligned with Shannon Dragoo and Mike “Boogie” Malin.

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The three of them ultimately formed one of the most iconic alliances in Big Brother history, Chilltown. However, Malin and Dragoo both went home relatively early, putting Kirby in the house by himself and allowing him to sneak by each week.

Kirby then ended up making the deals and moves he needed to — with each of them making him look like a diabolical genius — and he made it all the way to the final two chairs next to Nicole Nilson Schaffrich.

Kirby is a dermatologist and the Chief Medical Officer of LaserAway. He has become pretty famous for his work too. Kirby has been featured on Dr. 90210 and The Doctors, according to his bio on LaserAway.
His work on Big Brother, and his work outside of it, has ultimately helped Kirby rack up a $5 million net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Kirby’s career as a dermatologist has certainly paid off.

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