Extraordinary Season 2

Eye-Popping, Shocking, Hilarious Comedy Extraordinary Season 2 Trailer Released!

The trailer for Extraordinary Season 2 announces the second season of the Hulu drama. Emma Moran brought us to the Land of Extraordinary back in 2023. This offbeat comedy is set in a fictionalized version of London, wherein everybody over 18 got a superpower during the last decade.

Everyone but Jen, our severely self-aware 25-year-old protagonist, is still exploring this new environment and figuring out what her power is.

Extraordinary Season 2 | Official Trailer

The ‘Extraordinary’ Season 2 Trailer offers everyone a new beginning.

The trailer shows what Jen is up to after the season 1 finale of Extraordinary, and some of her powers are featured in the heightened comedic series.

Hulu has released the latest teaser for Season 2 of this hugely underrated superhero comedy. If the first clip is any indication, the show’s comeback will be as irreverent, gross, and compelling as ever.

The clip, which repeatedly indicates new chapters and new beginnings for its characters, hints at the significant changes awaiting all of the show’s key characters in its second season. As Jen begins to remedy her inactive ability at the power clinic to make her inactive ability appear, her roommates Kash and Carrie try to deal with a primarily respectful break-up that allows them all to remain friends.

On the other hand, Jizzlord, Jen’s amnesiac boyfriend who used to be a cat, realizes that just because he has forgotten the past, it does not mean that parts of it do not exist.

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The Cast and Crew of Extraordinary Season 2.

Extraordinary Season 2

Many of the characters from the first season will return for Extraordinary Season 2. Máiréad Tyers reprises her role as Jen, a powerless lady surrounded by empowered friends and relatives.

Furthermore, Luke Rollason has returned as Jizzlord, Jen’s poorly named former cat (and current boyfriend), alongside Bilal Hasna & Sofia Oxenham, reprising their roles as Kash and Carrie. Derry Girls Favorite Siobhan McSweeney & Robbie Gee (Sexy Beast) reprise their roles as Jen’s mother and stepfather, Mary and Ian.

There are also a few new faces in the ranks. Julian Barrett stars as George, Jen’s power trainer at the Discovery Clinic. At the same time, Rosa Robson (Buffering) plays Nora, a character from Jizzlord’s past, & Kwaku Mills plays Clark, Carrie’s exciting colleague.

Disney has also indicated that Sir Derek Jacobi will appear in Extraordinary Season 2. He will have a particular cameo part in the series, the details of which have yet to be revealed.

Extraordinary Season 2 is set to premiere on Disney Plus on Wednesday, March 6.