We Were the Lucky Ones Episode 8 “Rio” Release Date and Time!

When is We Were the Lucky Ones Episode 8 coming on Hulu? If you are waiting for the next episode of the series you have come to the right place.

Hulu has an excellent Holocaust drama ‘We Were the Lucky Ones’ which is based on Georgia Hunter’s bestselling of the same name – the plot is incredibly expansive.

When we say ‘expansive’, we mean there are a TON of characters. Similarly, the limited series also covers a heavy terrain in Poland, where the Kurc family is based.

We’re breaking it down episode after episode – because each one is a masterpiece.

Synopsis of the series

The limited series has an incredible cast, we know that. This genre cast can bring the series to life, as it follows the tight-knit members of the Kurc family as they struggle with their lives after the Nazi invasion in Poland perpetually alters it – and the subsequent emergence of WWII.

This 8-episode series is an iconic saga, and a testament to family, faith, and the human spirit.

We Were the Lucky Ones Episode 8 Release Date

We Were the Lucky Ones Episode 8

After 6 glorious episodes of ‘We Were the Lucky Ones’, the 7th and 8th episodes are the only ones left standing. The 7th episode is expected to arrive on April 25th, whilst the 8th episode is expected to arrive on May 2nd.

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Who Is Cast in the Limited Series?

We Were the Lucky Ones Episode 8

An ensemble and capturing cast for the series include:

Joey King as Halina Kurc
Logan Lerman as Addy Kurc
Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Genec Kurc
Amit Rahav as Jakub Kurc
Hadas Yaron as Mila Kurc
Sam Woolf as Adam
Michael Aloni as Selim
Moran Rosenblatt as Herta
Eva Feiler as Bella
Lior Ashkenazi as Sol Kurc
Robin Weigert as Nechuma Kurc
Ido Samuel as Isaac
Marin Hinkle as Madame Lowbeer

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Where to watch the series?

We Were the Lucky Ones Episode 8

We Were the Lucky Ones is an exclusive limited series that is available for streaming on Hulu in the U.S. The show has premiered since March 28th with one episode every week. We can expect the next episode to air on 25th April.