Suncoast Official Trailer Reveals Woody Harrelson & Nico Parker’s Bond!

Suncoast, inspired by writer/director Laura Chinn’s semi-autobiographical story, is a coming-of-age drama that viewers will soon be able to watch. Little is known about the helmed Laura Chinn (Florida Girls) production.

The film began production in September 2022, and the new trailer finally reveals the Sundance-bound movie.

Suncoast | Official Trailer

Woody Harrelson & Nico Parker Share an Unusual Bond in the First ‘Suncoast’ Trailer.

The trailer begins with Doris stepping off the school bus and starting her first day of class. At first sight, she appears to be a typical student, yet her life is far from ordinary.

Doris is a young caretaker who looks after her ill brother, who is in the hospital, a fate that has raised Doris’ spirits. Her mother’s attention is solely on her brother, who is suffering from a debilitating illness.

When her mother moves into the care facility to get closer to her brother, Parker’s character calls for a vacation from her caretaker duties and takes advantage of the empty house.

After becoming her friend’s number-one party venue, the main character gains social popularity at her school.

After she strikes up an unexpected relationship with an activist (Harrelson), she realizes that she needs to better settle her private life with her close ties to her brother before he dies.

We’re all suckers for a dark comedy with a reflection on death and the struggle to move on after losing a loved one. Now, that seems particular, but there are more films like that than you may imagine. Plus, who doesn’t like a good cry now and then?

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The Cast and Crew of Suncoast.


Nico Parker plays Doris in Suncoast. Parker has just a few credits in her career, but they are notable ones, like Tim Burton’s Dumbo, Reminiscence alongside Hugh Jackman, and HBO‘s The Last of Us.

Woody Harrelson & Laura Linney, two Hollywood veterans, star with Parker. Harrelson, well known for his appearances in White Men Can’t Jump, Zombieland, True Detective Season 1, and, most recently, White House Plumbers, plays an activist who meets Doris.

Linney, who played roles in Ozark, John Adams, The Savages, and You Can Count on Me, now plays Doris’ mother. Other Suncoast cast members include Ella Anderson (The Boss), Daniella Taylor (Grown-ish), Amarr (4400), and Ariel Martin (Oracle).

Suncoast will have its Sundance Film Festival debut on January 21; viewers only have to wait a few weeks until it debuts on the streaming site Hulu on February 9.