Death and Other Details Hulu Teases a New Murder Mystery Series!

An exciting new murder mystery series Death and Other Details is coming to Hulu in the first section of 2024.

The series is a crime thriller with a plot that revolves around a detective and his protégé on a luxurious sailing boat where the people are all hiding something.

The trailer for Death and Other Details has been released on Hulu. As the new Hulu original will be available shortly, here’s a rundown of everything we know about it, including the release date & cast details.

Death and Other Details’ | Official Trailer

The detective plot line is laid out at the beginning of the trailer, saying, “If you want to solve a crime, you have to first learn to see through the lens of illusion.”

“Details are important.” The setting swiftly turns into an attempt to figure out a murder, as everyone on a cruise ship becomes suspects as they curiously lurk around the ship during an investigation.

The story takes place in the glitzy world of the global elite, and the central character, Imogene Scott (played by Violett Beane), is brilliant but restless. Scott, however, finds herself at the center of a murder investigation as a result of a combination of terrible timing and her acts, making her the prime suspect.

The plot takes place on a luxurious Mediterranean ocean liner, and the suspects range from wealthy guests to weary crew members. Scott has to work alongside Rufus Cotesworth (played by Patinkin), a guy she despises but is also recognized as the world’s foremost investigator, to clear her name.

The show will defy the cruise ship’s safe, peaceful facade with a murder mystery plot full of twists and turns. The trailer also shows off the series’ outstanding aesthetic, with some stunning practical sets built to showcase the cruise liner on which the action will unfold.

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The Cast and Crew of Death and Other Details.

Death and Other Details

As mentioned, Violett Beane will play Imogene, the main suspect in this murder mystery series. She is best known for her roles as Jesse Quick in The Flash and Markie Cameron in the horror film Truth or Dare?

Mandy Patinkin, who has been on TV shows such as Homeland and Criminal Minds, plays the world’s best detective, Rufus Cotesworth, in the forthcoming Hulu original.

Lauren Patten (Blue Bloods) will play Anna Colier, Rahul Kohli (The Fall of the House of Usher) will play Sunil Ranja, Angela Zhou (Promising Young Woman) will play Teddy Goh, Hugo Diego Garcia (Sentinelles) will play Jules, Pardis Saremi (Hell of a Summer) will play Leila, and Linda Esmond (Only Murders in the Building) will play Agent Hilde Eriksen. House of Cards actress Jayne Atkinson will also appear in the series as a recurring character named Katherine Collier.

Death and Other Details will begin with a pair of episodes on January 16, 2024, & will then air weekly until the two-episode end on March 5, 2024.