Supersex Official Teaser Released on Netflix!

Prepare for a thrilling journey into the intriguing story of “Supersex,” an upcoming series that promises to change storytelling as we know it. Francesca Manieri, a famous Italian screenwriter, created and wrote “Supersex,” which promises an intense and thought-provoking experience.

Notably known as a militant feminist, Manieri’s writing adds depth and perspective, building a narrative about Rocco Siffredi.

Expect to see the blend of Manieri’s excellent storytelling with Rocco Siffredi’s incredible adventure, resulting in a story that crosses boundaries, challenges perspectives, and appreciates the spirit of empowerment.

Supersex | Official Teaser

Netflix recently released the wild first trailer for the upcoming series on one of the world’s most well-known adult actors. It is surely one of the most intense X-rated trailers ever released!

With its open exploration of sexuality and upfront storytelling, “Supersex” is poised to push boundaries and defy conventional norms. The trailer itself has got hearts racing, including an uproar of sexual moments and scandalous talks.

Supersex is an upcoming Netflix series based on the life and work of Rocco Siffredi, an Italian adult cinema star who appeared in over 1,300 porn films. The series will reveal the hardcore star’s most hidden sides. His roots, family, and, most importantly, his romantic relationship.

A 360° story that begins with his teenage years and explains how and why Rocco Tano, an ordinary youngster from Ortona, became Rocco Siffredi, the world’s most renowned porn star.

‘Supersex’ tries to peel back the numerous layers of Rocco’s personality, creating a compelling story that echoes typical human experiences inside the unusual life of a legend.

With real events from Siffredi’s life, Supersex will also have fictitious storylines. For example, Lucia is a fictional lady who “represents a synthesis of most women with whom Rocco had a relationship in his life,” according to the synopsis.

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The Cast and Crew.


The main actors in the new series are Alessandro Borghi, who plays Rocco’s role, and Linda Hardy, who plays Denise. Giulio Greco plays Christoph Clark, while Helena Antonio portrays Teresa Orlowski.

Eva Cela takes on the role of Lucia Giovanni, Joelle Hélary depicts a prostitute, and Jade Pedri plays Sylvie. Alberto Ruano plays the Assistant Director, Axel Gallois as Badcop François, and Filippo Valle as John Stagliano.

Jasmine Trinca stars Alice, Adriano Giannini as Florence Guérin, and Saul Nanni will play an unspecified role in the series.

Supersex will premiere on Netflix on March 6 of this year.