Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer Go For a Christmas Eve Stroll!

What are Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer doing for their ChristmasVery talented, versatile, popular, and widely known two actors Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer were recently spotted all cheered up for Christmas Eve.

Both the actors Kristen and Dylan were seen in their cool and comfy looks, all in casual look were seen strolling through the streets of Los Angeles with their dogs.

The couple who had recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary looked all in high spirits and cheerful throughout the way for the whole time while walking with their pups one was a Pitbull mix whose name was Wolf and another one was Bernie who was a golden retriever.

Kristen Stewart who is currently 32 years old looked all chic yet cool outfits, she was wearing a black puffer jacket with a pair of black skinny jeans and chose Converse sneakers for the footwear.

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Here You can check out some pictures of Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer Go For a Christmas Eve Stroll!

Kristen Stewart

Meyer on the other hand who is currently in his mid 30s chose a vibrant red coat that almost gave a festival vibe and a pair of black pants with boots. Both of them were seen wearing a beanie cap to keep themselves warm in winter. Back in the year 2021 both Kristen and Dylan got married on the 2nd of November.

Their dogs even seemed very enthusiastic in the gentle breeze of the winter, Wolf was seen wearing a red bandana on the other hand Bernie was wearing a green-coloured striped sweater.

Both of them were giving the Christmas vibe. Both of them were spotted happily enjoying their walk through the streets sniffing lampposts and other things on their way.

Seeing Stewart and Meyer coming out for their Christmas event was quite heart-melting, as both of them are the kinda private type of person who loves to be happy in private and both of them have been private about each other since the beginning of their relationship.

The couple started dating previously in the year 2019 and made an official statement about each other in 2021.

In one of the recent interviews with Stewart, she openly called Meyer that she is the most badass person she ever came to know about. She further said that Meyer loves to be grounded as much as possible lastly she said that Meyer is her life’s only love.

Meyer and Stewart are very much in love with each other the couple is very much loved in the whole Hollywood industry being down to earth by personality attracts many people towards them and they inspire many because of their genuine personality.

They share a common love for animals. Both of them are very open about each other and have been spotted many times openly speaking about each other on many shows and events but there is no denial to the fact that both of them live their life by staying away from the limelight all away from drama.