Love Lies Bleeding Starring Kristen Stewart Official Trailer Released!

Kristen Stewart & Katy O’Brian Get Steamy in the First Trailer for ‘Love Lies Bleeding’. Rose Glass, the writer-director and bizarre mind of Saint Maud is bringing us a romantic thriller featuring Kristen Stewart.

The trailer teases explicit violence, gore, and creatively breathtaking sequences, showcasing Glass’s ability to create visually stunning and emotionally grasping stories.

With Glass at the helm, Love Lies Bleeding promises to be an enjoyable movie that goes beyond typical romance thrillers. After watching the trailer, the film was set in the 1980s, when greed was typical. It’s going to be a rough yet thrilling journey.

Love Lies Bleeding | Official Trailer

A24 recently released the trailer for Love Lies Bleeding. Kristen Stewart is caught up in romance & violence in a thrilling excerpt of A24’s trailer for Love Lies Bleeding. Tensions are intense in the trailer, as Stewart deals with father-daughter conflict while falling in love with a female bodybuilder.

Stewart’s Lou has some pretty strong family troubles and an even deeper crush on O’Brian’s Jackie. As Stewart’s protagonist becomes immersed in her growing romance, she is drawn into a violent action storyline.

While Lou has grown up and lived in this gun-crazed town her entire life, Jackie is new to the neighborhood and is struggling to fit in. Money and brutality rule the streets here, and when Jackie and Lou get involved in a murder, their bond becomes even stronger.

The trailer alone combines Stewart’s typical stoicism with eroticism and terror. Fans can tell from the trailer that Love Lies Bleeding is not a familiar love story. It has a lot of twists and turns, such as crime, family tension, and a quest for vendetta.

Lou’s criminal family plays an important role, and Ed Harris is presented as a terrifying crime boss dad. The trailer shows dramatic shootouts, destruction, and FBI involvement, creating a suspenseful and exciting atmosphere.

The people becoming involved in this criminal activity adds an entirely new depth to the romance, making it an exciting and unpredictable journey.

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The Cast and Crew of Love Lies Bleeding!

Love Lies Bleeding
Bloody Disgusting

Love Lies Bleeding has confirmed the following cast members.

  • Kristen Stewart as Lou
  • Katy O’Brian as Jackie
  • Dave Franco 
  • Jena Malone 
  • Ed Harris 
  • Anna Baryshnikov 

Jena Malone (The Hunger Games), Ed Harris (Westworld), Dave Franco (The Disaster Artist), and Anna Baryshnikov (Dickinson) round out the cast of Love Lies Bleeding. Glass directed the film from a script she co-wrote with Weronika Tofilska.


When it hits theatres on March 8, 2024, it will enormously influence the film industry.