Kristen Stewart’s Honest View on Twilight and Her Character Bella!

Recently Twilight is a hot topic because Kristen Stewart commented on his film about how she loves the wedding part of the Twilight movie.

During the interview with “Who What She Wear ” she expressed her love for the wedding gown that she wore during the filming of the Twilight saga Breaking Dawn Part 1.

She said she felt like a real bride, she felt beautiful in that dress and if it’s ever a real wedding she chooses this wedding gown. The dress was designed by Carolina Herrera.

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Let’s Have a Look at What Kristen Stewart Said About Twilight and Her Character Bella!

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart played the character Bella Swan in the movie Twilight movie. It was originally based on the Twilight novel which was returned by Stephanie Meyer.

Kristen gained recognition and also received the Best Female Performance MTV award. The theme of the movie is a journey where Bella explores what she should desire and herself and true unconditional love, a mystery romance between humans and vampires. The movie where captured the hearts of a million people and still people love this movie.

Stewart has a global fanbase because of the movie which brought her fame and also by playing the role she explores the theme of love sacrifice and self-discovery which can contribute to her personal growth as a young woman.

After doing the movie she embraced her true self she recognised her s*xuality and considered herself in the LGBTQ community.

Twilight is a legacy movie that remains in people’s hearts a story that is full of supernatural love and romance where it explores the journey of being together.

Aside from this Twilight drama, she recently got engaged to Dylan Meyer. The couples prefer Low key they want their romance to keep away from media drama.

The wedding gown is the symbol of love and a beautiful craft that beautifully started giving inspiration for such types of wedding gowns to people. The gown was made of Satin, and it was in a v-neckline with long sleeves.

So, if you want to see the gown are the romance you can go and watch the movie again and enjoy the fantasy.