Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s First Official Fight Was Ugly!

It’s been all about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift for the past four months, the superstar couple has been getting all the attention and headlines from around the world with their new relationship which started back in September.

Popular NFL star Travis Kelce expressed his feelings towards Taylor Swift on a podcast and the most popular singer in the world acknowledged it, a month later the two started seeing each other out and the relationship was confirmed in September.

The relationship started full of passion and love was clearly in the air, Taylor Swift started giving attendance in the crowd whenever Kansas City Chiefs games were held, and the couple celebrated a special Christmas with a get-together of both families.

The New Year’s Eve was even better as the two had a blast partying with friends, hugging and kissing each other.

Is Everything Okay Between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce?

Taylor Swift

Just like all relationships, it seems like the honeymoon phase is already over for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce and things are not going too well between the two.

Recently Travis sat with his brother Jason on their New Heights podcast and revealed how he was dealing with adversity after losing to Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Day.

Kelce said that it was one of the worst feelings ever and his holidays were spoiled, Swift who was in attendance during the game tried to talk to Kelce but his bad mood made Taylor hurt and confused.

Some sources have revealed that Swift was badly hurt and even went on to take advice from one of her friends on dealing with the situation, the advice she got was that she should give space to Kelce. The couple is also facing issues in giving time to each other as they are too busy on their professional fronts.

Just as Taylor Swift said at the beginning of this year “This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change.”

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The Aftermath

Taylor Swift

Although things became a little rocky for the two during the holidays, the two seem to have worked on their differences and are doing good at the moment.