Travis Kelce Missed Taylor Swift’s 34th Birthday!

At this point, Taylor Swift is unarguably the most popular diva in the world, her popularity is now making earthquakes in split seconds, quite literally.

The world’s most popular artist has also found her love interest and the world is now aware of Travis Kelce and Swift’s ongoing love, unless one is living under the rocks.

How Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Started Dating?

Taylor Swift

On an episode of the New Heights podcast, which is hosted by Travis Kelce’s younger brother, the American Footballer confessed to having a crush on Taylor Swift.

He mentioned going to Eras Tour concerts where he wrote his number on a bracelet and thought of handing it over to Swift, but sadly he failed in the attempt leaving him disappointed.

Later on, a video from the podcast started surfacing on social media and it caught Swift’s attention. At the beginning of September, some sources confirmed that the two were hanging out with each other.

The following week, Swift made her attendance at a Chiefs game and while she was sitting alongside Kelce’s mom, this was the final confirmation of their date.

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Travis Kelce Was Absent at Taylor Swift’s Birthday Bash! Find Out Why?

Taylor Swift
Page Six

Taylor turned 34 this week and a huge birthday bash took place in New York City, but what made fans scratch their heads was that Travis Kelce was not present for the occasion.

Several speculations have started to build on social media, but ultimately it turns out that the NFL star is on the field in Kansas City as the Chiefs prepare for their upcoming match against the Patriots.

The match is very important for the Chiefs as they would be looking forward to ending their losing streak and hence the players are sweating hard. Taylor Swift has already attended several games of the Chiefs and it will be interesting to see if the singer would make an attendance in the next game or not.