Top 10 Hottest Sofia Ansari pictures and videos on Instagram

Sofia Ansari has more than 9 Million followers on Instagram and she has been suspended by Instagram once for her bold photos and videos now her account is active but her Instagram Verification badge has been disabled now.

Here on her Instagram profile Sofia Ansari has posted a few extremely hot and bold photos and videos again.

The Tik Tok Influencer Sofia has so much love for the red color and she has posted dozens of posts wearing hot red color dresses. As per IMDb she has appeared in series like MX TakaTak Fame House, and Vahal No Dariyo.

Top 10 Red Hottest Sofia Ansari dresses

Recently the actress has posted a few pictures in this red color dress, in which she is looking really very attractive and confident and she has captioned the posts in this manner only.

In the pictures, she can be seen in a red and black combination dress and she is looking simply very hot and sensuous.

Recently in another post for Christmas and new year, the actress posted a few really bold and hottest pictures ever on her Instagram profile.

In these pictures, Sofia can be seen in a hot Santa dress with a cap in front of a small Christmas Tree. Her toned and hot body can be seen in the posts. She has always been known for these types of pictures but along with these pictures the influencer has also posted a video wishing her fans “Merry Christmas”.

The Actress and Influebr have also posted a hot video in a red color saree.

In the video, Sofia Ansari can be seen on a beach showing her hot saree to the fans. In another post, the actress posted a few hot pictures in this same red saree, Have a look at the below pictures.

Sofia Ansari looking smoking hot in red saree
Sofia Ansari looking smoking hot in red saree

The actress has also been seen in a red monokini dress in another picture, Sofia Ansari has posted this picture with two videos in this dress.

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Actress in Hot Yellow and black Saree

Sofia has always been known for her hot dresses but in these pictures, she can be seen in a hot yellow bra and a white or cream-colored saree.

In a similar way, the actress has posted a few more pictures in saree, in which the actress is looking really hot and gorgeous.  Have a look at these pictures.

Sofia Ansari in hot Saree
Sofia Ansari/Instagram

If you don’t know Sofia Ansari is a former Tik Tok Star and she was born in Gujarat, She also has a vlogging channel on Youtube.