Text-To-Speech Feature On TikTok: See The New Changes To

Text-To-Speech Feature On TikTok

Just around late last year, TikTok updated its text-to-speech feature and users have not responded well. They are now greeted by a new female voice to which is the main cause of this backlash. Most users have expressed that they find TikTok’s new text-to-speech voice annoying and freaky. A certain Twitter user, @TatyYells, commented that the new voice was similar to that of the “annoying H&M in-store ads“.

Users have desperately sought ways to revert back to the previous voices or a way to change this one. And much to everyone’s delight, we will discuss how to do it!

Using TikTok’s Text-To-Speech Voice

In order to use the new text-to-speech voice, all you need to do is follow these simple steps.

  • Select the video in which you want to use the text-to-speech feature.
  • Once saved, select the add text option for the video from the bottom of your screen.
  • After writing the text, select the text box.
  • Select Text-to-Speech option. Done! the voice will automatically be applied to your text.

It must be noted that if you get a new voiceover for your text, that is because you must have deleted the old one in TikTok. As of now, TikTok itself doesn’t provide any option to change the default voice for your text. But it is possible to use online voice generators for this purpose.

User’s Reaction To New Text-To-Speech Voice

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Not all users are known to use TikTok’s text-to-speech feature. But those who do, have mostly expressed their disappointment. Not only so, it has also made fans a bit reluctant to continue using the feature.

@autumn20_ took to Twitter to write, “The new TikTok voice is so silly. It could be the most serious text and I can’t handle it because she sounds like a Barbie character“.

This was not all, as users were very vocal about the new update by TikTok. One of them also commented, “Someone just made a tiktok, making the new voice speak like a Sims character and I cannot stop laughing!!! These are the days that I love the internet. It’s the SIMple things, you know.? …I’ll walk myself out for that one…“.

It looks like this change certainly brought the blaming fingers at TikTok. Fans will be really eager to see some improvements to it. Maybe a new voice that they find more suitable or having the option to choose from some. It will be interesting to see how TikTok ‘s developers react to this.


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